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Pashinyan Ignored Macron’s Text Messages During The War

by Benny Kashian

A few days after the now infamous trilateral agreement signed by Pashinyan, French President Emmanuel Macron met with representatives of the French Armenian community to discuss Pashinyan’s decision of handing Artsakh over to Azerbaijan. The representatives of the French Armenian community later reported that during the private dinner meeting, Macron expressed shock and disappointment at Pashinyan’s decision. 

In the meeting, Macron also revealed that he had sent Pashinyan SMS text messages throughout the war offering assistance but was met with Pashinyan’s reluctancy to receive help. Macron also noted that Pashinyan didn’t take the initiative once to write a text or call him during and after the war. The same was reported by Greek military representatives who were ready to send 800 of their expert troops but were turned down by Pashinyan.

“After all, I am the president of an OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing country. Why didn’t he inform me, or ask for assistance before or after signing?” Macron told the the group at the meeting.

Now, Macron says that he is confused of how to handle the Artsakh situation. Meaning, he is wondering whether he would continue to stay in the Minsk Group and work out a new deal or just leave the group and push the recognition of Artsakh forward.