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“Heavy losses” Azerbaijan’s army faces devastation after second failed attempt at occupation

Attempts by Azeri troops with the backing of Turkish advisers to capture as many Armenian towns and villages as possible and report their successes back to Ankara and Baku failed according to Yuri Kotenok, a popular Russian journalist. The attack was planned from Kovsakan where Azerbaijani troops attempted to infiltrate the Armenian town but were met with heavy onslaught resulting in the deaths of all the Azeri soldiers involved in the plot. This was Azerbaijan’s second failed attempt at occupation.

Azerbaijan’s president Aliyev falsely proclaimed the occupation and stated that the Azerbaijani flag was “solemnly raised”. Sadly, he declared the victory too early.

“The result spelled devastation for the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. This included heavy losses of artillery and soldiers and the abandonment of the bodies of countless servicemen and weapons,” stated Kotenok.

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