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Pashinyan Wants A Solution For Armenians For The Next “500 Years”

Earlier today, Pashinyan laid out a list of immediate threats that Armenia is facing and his plans going forward. In his speech, Pashinyan highlighted the realities the war has brought on for the Armenian nation and how the country and Diaspora will be planning its future.

  • It is clear that there is no diplomatic solution to the conflict and a settlement cannot be reached with a country like Azerbaijan that harbours terrorists and uses military equipment for the sole purpose of causing civilian casualties.
  • Armenia will soon be going on a counterattack in the face of Azerbaijan and its brotherly ally Turkey’s assault on Artsakh’s civilians.
  • It is now clear that Russia supports Armenia 100% militarily and stands as a strong ally. Russia recently shot down nine Turkish Bayraktar drones that were flying near Armenia’s borders.
  • Azerbaijan has started to use its reserve military equipment – a sign of defeat.
  • All the proclamations made in the last three weeks of Azerbaijan “liberating” land is misinformation and have been proven wrong every time.

More notably, Pashinyan said he wanted a solution for the Armenian people not for 30 years but for 500.

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