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Erdogan Had Colon Cancer And Suffers From Epilepsy

Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s public outbursts and anti-Armenian rhetoric could plausibly be explained by his condition and poor health. It is well known that the side effects of epilepsy drugs include irritability, anxiety, depression and mood swings. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Back in 2011, Erdogan underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. This was confirmed by sources who were interviewed anonymously in fear of their lives in 2016. That was the year when Erdogan imprisoned over 20,000 health care professionals including doctors and nurses.

Despite the fact that Erdogan’s aides portray him as perfectly healthy, the reality remains that the Turkish president suffers from multiple health conditions.

In 2011, it was determined that Erdogan had stage 2 or early stage 3 cancer. A surgery was performed at Marmara University Hospital by a well-known surgeon Dr. Dursun Bugra and other specialists. Roughly 20 to 25 centimeters of Erdogan’s colon were removed in the procedure.

As mentioned earlier, Erdogan also suffers from epilepsy, a disorder of the central nervous system that particularly impacts the brain. He has shown symptoms, notably seizures, on several occasions. On October 17, 2006 while on his way to the parliament, Erdogan had a seizure when his security team accidentally locked him in the car. In panic, the bodyguards destroyed the windows with a sledgehammer to pull him out. He was then taken to Guven Hospital for emergency treatment.

Erdogan’s epilepsy has been confirmed by a few government insiders in Turkey including Fuat Avni, who in 2016 whistleblowed on Twitter that Erdogan’s seizures had increased dramatically and that his doctors were concerned he would have a seizure while speaking in public

Another whistleblower was Erdogan’s medical doctor and close associate Turhan Comez who in 2014 stated the following on public television: “I even kept the anesthesia equipment in my home the day before the surgery in case somebody wanted to tamper with the equipment”. After going public, Comez fled Turkey and remained a fugitive in the UK. Comez continues to live in the UK to this day.

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