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Russia Donated 50,000 Tonnes Of Ammunition To Armenia By 2016, Sarkisian

Former Prime Minister of Armenia, Serzh Sarkisian revealed on Twitter that up until his last year in office, Russia had donated some 50,000 tonnes of ammunition to Armenia. The ex-Prime Minister tweeted this surprising revelation last week when Armenia was discussing Russia’s possible assistance in the war that Azerbaijan launched on the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).

This war should be a big wake-up call. Armenia needs to properly specify its allies and retain strong relationships with those who genuinely have interest in assisting the country militarily. Armenia also shouldn’t expect help to magically arrive from countries that it has only moderate relationships with. The world has always turned a blind eye to atrocities committed against Armenians and should this really be a surprise at all now? Why would any country care about a tiny piece of land that has little to no resources to offer them?

Building strong allies is only a small fraction of Armenia’s chance at survival. Armenia will always be in a bad neighborhood, but so will another country even smaller than Armenia who is thriving in advanced military technology – Israel. Armenia needs a goal it should’ve had a long time ago and that is to build one of the strongest military technologies in the region or perhaps the world. This includes militarized drones, ammunitions and missiles that its rival Azerbaijan has purchased with its oil money to use on Artsakh. 

The difference will be noticeable. Armenia can never be a genocidal state – it’s not in the Armenian blood even if it tried. However Armenia can become its own protector and be good at it, never to rely on the big powers like Russia and the United States to come to its rescue every time a Turkic country has a frenzy and needs to kill Armenians. 

Armenia will come out of this current situation alive and yes this war should be a wake-up call, but will it learn to prioritize the very industry that spells its survival? That’s a question that needs to be addressed while the country still has the luxury of time to address it.

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