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Artsakh War Machine Rages On As Azerbaijan’s Military Faces Devastation

Artsakh Armenians now have one of the most advanced electronic warfare systems in the world. The Krasukha is a Russian ground-based electronic warfare (EW) system produced by the KRET corporation. It’s a terrestrial, portable system that causes permanent damage to targeted radio-electronic devices with a range of 260 km.

The Russian system has become the catalyst for combatting Turkish and Israeli unmanned aircraft that Azerbaijan largely depends on for its war against the Armenians. Now with the Krasukha, the Artsakh military can drop these drones through electronic interference, cutting them off from their control center, long before they approach their target. It can also cause major problems for guided missiles and fighter jets.

The Russian warfare system not only blocks Turkish and Israeli drones but it can also block the American AWACS.

According to some analysts, the warfare system is not a gesture of Russian goodwill towards Armenia, but rather a way to test the system on the battlefield and warn Turkey in the interim. The Turks on the other hand have been largely involved in the war that Azerbaijan launched on Artsakh, arming Azerbaijan with advanced military weapons, manpower and even Jihadi terrorists from Syria. Recent reports show that the Armenian troops have wiped out over 50% of the Syrian terrorists and caused major devastation to the Azerbaijani army.

A problem country for Artsakh – besides Turkey and Israel – has been Ukraine. Following reports of Armenian victories in Artsakh, the Ukrainian media was first to report the unfounded claim that Russia was directly assisting Artsakh. Ukraine’s support for Azerbaijan has been colossal in the war. It handed Azerbaijan globally-outlawed white phosphorus causing an environmental disaster when it was used by Azerbaijan last week on many acres of forest land surrounding Artsakh. The toxic chemicals and fires which are blazing to this day, caused the devastation of an ancient ecosystem including the region’s admired wildlife. 

As a result of Artsakh’s use of the Russian Krasukha, Azerbaijan has run out of unmanned aircraft. Their death tolls have skyrocketed in the mountainous region of Artsakh where they have little to no experience in fighting uphill. While Armenian troops continue to be vigilant, it is safe to say that the tides have turned and Azerbaijan’s military is diminishing right before our eyes.

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