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Here Is What Really Happened In Shushi On November 10

OP-ED by Sarkis Balkhian

Is Nikol a traitor? Any political power in Armenia that is claiming they can reverse the peace agreement signed by Nikol Pashinyan on November 10 is either lying for political gains or living in la-la land.

From day 1 of this conflict, I told people to keep an eye on Syria as they analyze the situation in Artsakh. I explicitly revealed what was happening in a post on October 23rd on Facebook. 

Here’s what really happened with this agreement:

  1. Putin handed Shushi (symbolic and strategic value) and the 7 regions to Aliyev to help him maintain his tyranny over the Azeri people;
  2. Putin handed the Nakhichevan corridor to Erdogan to help him establish his Turkic Empire (One Nation, Two States became a One Nation, One State via Armenia); 
  3. Putin expanded his presence in the region beyond the legal borders of Armenia by placing “Peace-keeping” forces in whatever is left of Artsakh; and most importantly
  4. Putin secured and consolidated Russian victory in Syria by receiving assurances from Erdogan over Turkey’s gradual retreat from Syria (including stopping support to extremist groups in Syria). 

Of course all of these things happened at the expense of the Armenian Nation and Armenian homeland. Nikol was merely the idiot who became the instrument that facilitated this grand Russo-Turkish pact. 

Anyone with a rational mind knew that we stood no chance to defeat the Azeri forces on the battlefield because we were not only fighting Azerbaijan but also Turkey, Pakistan and the mercenaries. Our only hope was to maneuver politically while our heroes were buying us time on the battlefield. 

The geopolitical situation in our region as well as in the Middle East and North Africa and the real prospects of a Russo-Turkish agreement meant that political maneuvers had to be bold and possibly extreme to stand a chance of success. 

Unfortunately, Nikol Pashinyan and his Foreign Policy team failed because they did not accurately assess the situation and because they were cowards – unwilling to take bold moves on Artsakh with the hopes of preventing domestic turmoil post-war and potentially salvaging more of Artsakh than we did with this catastrophic agreement. 

Consequently, we ended up with a scenario that was worse than anything that had been offered or discussed since the ceasefire in 1994.  

Was it possible to get a better deal? Of course! 

Did Nikol try to get a better deal? I have no idea!  

Are the political forces occupying the streets of Yerevan going to reverse this agreement or even amend it? No!

I don’t care if you have decided to support Nikol or if you are calling for Nikol’s resignation. But regardless of what position you have decided to take, don’t be fooled about what really happened in Artsakh.

Is Nikol a traitor? Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if he is a traitor, a fool, an idiot, a novice, double-agent or something else, because we lost a homeland (Artsakh) and are soon to lose another (Armenia) if we continue to be fools.

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