Azerbaijan Building Military Base Near Armenian Border

by Benny Kashian

Jermuk is a resort town in Armenia where according to the mayor Vardan Hovhannisyan, Azeri troops are building a military base in a section that is not yet “adjusted”. This was also confirmed by the Armenian military who are stationed in the region.

Border adjustments have been mysteriously taking place by the Pashinyan administration and Azerbaijan with little clarity regarding its overall plans.

However, Hovhannisyan assures that the situation is under control by asserting, “An adjustment of the borders and positions took place, we went and agreed who will stand where. Nothing unusual happened.”

For many, stories regarding border “re-drawings” have caused anxiety and confusion largely due to the lack of transparency by the Armenian government. We do know that several villages in Kapan in Armenia’s southeastern province of Syunik are now bordering Azerbaijan due to the new deals signed by Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan. The residents in these villages have complained that security is becoming a serious issue. To date, the affected areas are Davit Bek, Kaghnut, Uzhanis, Yeghvard, Agarak, Ditzmair, Syunik, Geghanush, Tchakaten, Shikahogh, Srashen, Nerkin Hand and Tsav; among others.

“We are losing security, do you understand? Only after this come the material issues. Indeed, our opportunities were cut – pastures, arable lands and forests. Big agriculture-related damages will occur, but now our top priority is to maintain security of the residents, while all other socio-economic matters are currently secondary issues,” said the mayor of Kapan, Gevorg Parsyan.

The broadening of uncertainty has caused uproar among global Armenians; many of whom are now demanding for Pashinyan to resign.