Armenia, Artsakh

Sixty-Two Armenian Servicemen Were NOT Captured By Azeris

Azerbaijani claim of holding 62 Armenian hostages is fake news.

by Benny Kashian

Artsakh’s Defence Army warned on Saturday that Azerbaijan is publishing fake articles to dismantle Armenian society.

The army notes that videos are being spread on the internet that claim 62 Armenian servicemen had been taken hostage by Azerbaijan.  

The Artsakh army denied the reports on Saturday and confirmed that no such incidents occurred.

The Defence Army also called on news outlets and social media users to be careful of spreading Azerbaijani rhetoric.

Azerbaijan has been using such predated, communist-era propaganda since the beginning of the first Artsakh war in failed attempts at influencing Armenian society and the global community.

However, vigilance is key right now for a community that’s rebuilding on the ashes of a defeated war. It would help if Armenia’s leaders would respond to these claims appropriately before they got out of hand for the sake of its own population and the Diaspora.