Artsakh, Nagorno Karabakh

Diaspora Donations Provided Housing For Only 100 People While 40,000 Are Displaced

Armenians leaving Stepanakert, Artsakh

The Hayastan All Armenian Fund has announced that it will cover the costs of 100 displaced people from Hadrut who are currently living in different hotels.

However, as a result of the war, the number of displaced people is far greater than this number.

At a press conference, the Ombudsman of Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan said, “According to our calculations, up to 40,000 people have been left without shelters only due to the military operations and the occupation of territories due to the political agreement. Most of these people have already returned to Artsakh”.

Beglaryan went on to say that the issue of temporary housing should be prioritized and resolved immediately for the returning refugees.

Pashinyan’s government has been largely silent about the issue of how the funds were being distributed. This has naturally infuriated the Diaspora who are seeking answers and being met with a lack of transparency.

It has been 88 days since the war broke out in Artsakh.