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The ‘Buy Armenian’ Movement Is Proudly Taking Off

When Armenia announced a 6 month ban on Turkish goods over the weekend to protest Erdogan’s support for Azerbaijan in the war, there was a relative excitement on social media among Armenians in Armenia and the Diaspora.

The initiative to buy and sell Armenian products took centre stage right from the start of the war and some companies are now taking full steps to import and distribute Armenian products in support of the Homeland.

One such company is Kaffa co. They describe their coffee as: “Tasty and aromatic selection of fine ground coffee for boiling in the coffee pot.”

Their two featured blends include an image of either Tati or Papi – the famous Grandma & Grandpa statues in Artsakh which played a key role in how Armenians identified with the unexpected war that Azerbaijan brutally launched on their people.

The website further explains that their blends are a “perfect match both for lovers of Arabica and Robusta! Natural, medium roasted, ground coffee. Blend of thoroughly picked Robusta (Tati) and Arabica (Papi) grades.”

Rumour has it that the coffee is absolutely delicious. And with prices ranging from $5.99 to $10.00, how can anyone go wrong?

Kaffa co. expects to open more jobs in Armenia in the coming years and they proudly show the ‘Made-in-Armenia’ label on their products. You can visit their website and order your coffee blends at